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"Always great, and professional."

-Michael S.



"Excellent. Took time to listen to my concerns, didn’t rush the appointment and was truly lovely."

-October 22, 2020 Aimee D.



"This is my second time seeing Dr. Le and both experiences were so positive. She is so informative and it's empowering to go to a doctor who helps me understand the problem and symptoms I'm having. I trust Dr. Le's expertise and feel in great care when I go to her."

-October 22, 2020 Lea C.



"Very attentive doctor. So glad to see her second time. Thanks a lot."

-September 1, 2020 Iryna S.



"Dr. Le is fantastic. Thorough and thoughtful. Very highly recommended."

-Less than 6 months ago



"Dr. Le is incredibly kind, patient and thorough. Every time I’ve seen her, she takes her time with me, and she addresses all of my concerns. I’ve never felt rushed, and as such, I highly recommend her."

-August 18, 2020 Crystal W.



"Direct and to the point. Very pleasant office."

-July 16, 2020 Lauren B.



"She’s awesome! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be comfortable, quick, and to have your questions answered!"

-February 13, 2020 Bobbi C.



"She is the best doctor I ever had."

-January 16, 2020 Alia P.



"She was very thorough in exam and explanation! Would definitely recommend."

-More than 1 year ago



"Dr. Le is great!! I would highly recommend seeing her. She is thorough and explains everything that is occurring. The only downside was the wait to see her, but it was definitely worth it."

-January 11, 2020



"Very professional and knowledgeable with modern, clean office and nice office staff."

-More than 1 year ago



"First time with Dr. B. Thuy Le and I’m very glad I went! I explained my symptoms and she helped me right away and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Would highly recommend!"

-January 6, 2020 Giancarlo A.



"Dr. Le was extremely knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Office was immaculate and will definitely be back for any future consultations."

-January 2, 2020 Richard D.



"Very concerned and thorough."

-More than 1 year ago John S.



"Very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. Explains everything in plain English. She returns your calls promptly. She works with colleagues to accommodate her patients' needs. Simply put, she's the best!"

-December 23, 2019 Glenville O.



"Amazing. Knowledgeable, listens and responds to your concerns and questions, has great bedside manners, and has an easy way of going about things."

-December 19, 2019 Tamim S.



"Quick, friendly, efficient - everything you need/want in doctor!"

-December 14, 2019 Sarah G.



"Thorough and pleasant."

-More than 1 year ago Abdelhamid K.



"I have had chronic issues with my ears most of my life, so I knew coming in for my first consultation with Dr. Le what to expect, in terms of treatment and procedures. She listened to my health history and jumped into what I needed very quickly, however, I did feel she was hurried and a little cold during a first-time visit. I was in and out quickly which was nice for my situation…"

-More than 1 year ago



"I have been seeing Dr. Le for years and I am always impressed by her deep expertise. She takes her time with each patient and makes sure that you get the care you need to get better. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for an ENT"

-December 5, 2019



"Very pleased with my visit to Dr. Le. Her receptionist was friendly and quick. Dr. Le was nice and receptive to everything I told her. I was also very grateful that she was able to remove the tonsil stone (the reason for my visit) that had been bothering me for over a week."

-November 27, 2019 Rachel S.



“Dr Le is great! Professional, attentive and personable with a natural ease. Would definitely recommend her!”

-November 25, 2019 Nhat N.



“Dr. Le was super sweet. Very informative and helpful. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

-November 22, 2019 Jaclynn B.




“Dr. B. Thuy Le has been the best doctor hands down that I have ever had (and I have seen quite a few in NYC)! I had been having some unknown health/sinus issues and within the first 10 minutes of my visit with Dr. B. Thuy Le it was very apparent how much she truly cares about her patients regardless of if the issue is related to an ENT issue or not, she did all she could to help me immediately get the additional help I needed. I have never encountered a doctor more caring than Dr. B Thuy Le and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone I know!”

-November 10, 2019 Bianca D.



“Very personable and great at explaining how the body works, what my ailments are and how to remedy them.”

-November 8, 2019 Erin A. Verified patient



“She is a amazing doctor she fixed my deviated septum and I have been clear of getting colds and breathing much better because of her.”

-March 20, 2019 George M.



“Absolutely fantastic doctor. Thorough examination and great reccomendations. Dr.Le even checks insurance formulary before sending scripts which prevents unpleasant surprises at the phrmacy. Outstanding ! Very impressed.”

-November 2, 2019 Mia L.



“Saw me right away! Very thorough and got to the point. Working on a follow up to make sure everything is moving in the right direction.”

-October 30, 2019 Carrie S.



“She was very knowledgeable and very down to earth. I was a bit afraid to know some results but she explained everything thoroughly.”

-October 22, 2019 Bobbi C.



“Dr. Thuy Le was great. I felt very comfortable in her office; she was very down to earth and easy to talk to. She listened to my symptoms and concerns and validated everything. There were some issues with my prescription and she and her team went above and beyond to help. Highly recommend!”

-October 10, 2019 Elizabeth C.



“Dr Thuy Le was thorough, kind, pragmatic and efficient. Highly recommend!”

-October 3, 2019 Heather W.



“Dr. Le was great. Saw me before my scheduled time and I actually became a bit faint during the appointment and the doctor quickly got a snack to help with my condition. Very happy with my experience.”

-September 30, 2019 Adam F.



“The wait time was short. She was very nice and knowledgeable. She was also very friendly. I would definitely recommend her.”

-October 4, 2018 Latidra W



“The Dr is amazing, answers your questions, is thorough and does not rush you out the door. A true professional with a great wealth of knowledge who lets you decide your treatment plan option. Highly recommend.”

-October 4, 2018 David S.



“Dr. Le was sympathetic, thorough and professional. I felt better for having seen her.”

-July 16, 2018 Nick H.



“She kept my visit short but answered all my questions. She gave me very useful information and advice, more so than any other ENT I have seen before. I highly recommend her.”

-January 29, 2018 Marc P.



“Dr. Le is both direct and empathic. She’s one of the best doctors I’ve had.”

-December 11, 2017 Erica C.



“It's rare to find someone so professional with a great bedside manner who really seems to know what they're talking about. My appointment was brief, but I will have a follow up with her soon. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.”

-More than 1 year ago Jason E.



“Excellent doctor. She was helpful, straightforward, and explained things very clearly. Lovely office and no wait time. They used the forms that I filled out ahead of time on Zocdoc, which was greatly appreciated. Would definitely recommend.”

-August 30, 2016 Marcus V.



“Very professional. Thorough exam. Took time to answer all of my questions. Didn't feel rushed at all.”

-August 26, 2016 Frank W.



“Friendly, listened to my complaints, and addressed them efficiently.”

-August 25, 2016 Gillian D.



“I showed up a little late and was still able to be seen right away. This doctor was a pleasure to work with, and I will definitely return if future problems arise.”

-August 23, 2016 Charles E.



“Professional, friendly and thorough.”

-June 23, 2016 Jennifer G.



“Professional, intelligent, listened and made a diagnosis quickly.”

-June 21, 2016 Patricia B.



“I was seen promptly, she is professional, she explains things so that you understand. my visits with her are great. I highly recommend her.”

-June 16, 2016 Jacqueline C.



“She was great with explaining my issues and the steps that I could take to remedy the situation.”

-June 10, 2016 Joseph C.



“Dr. Le is the absolute best.”

-More than 1 year ago



“One of the very few specialists who showed up in search for her snoring / allergy related expertise. Extremely knowledgeable! Great experience.”

-November 30, 2015 Matt A.



“She was fantastic! Very friendly and to the point. The treatment she prescribed worked right away. I would highly recommend her!”

-October 16, 2015 Amy O.



“She is very professional, pleasant and thorough in her approach.”

-August 4, 2015 Vijay D.



“Good manner, explained things thoroughly and sufficiently.”

-November 11, 2014 Rochelle T.




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